Emergency water pump fix

Household pressure pump

1. Turn pressure pump off
2. Check water level in water tanks, if empty call local water transport company.
3. After filling leave tank (check the pump is primed) leave to settle for as long as possible before turning pump power supply on again.
4. If system fails to operate switch off pump
5.Call us for service on (09)4446504 or email citywide.plumbing@xtra.co.nz

Modular waste water pumps and Submersible pump stations

1. Turn off power supply to water pump,
2. Isolate power and water supply to any dishwashers or washing machines that discharge into pump station (To avoid potential flooding).
4. Refrain from using any others services i.e WC, shower, basin or sink … that discharge into the pump station.
3. Call us for service on (09)4446504 or email citywide.plumbing@xtra.co.nz

Overflowing submersible pump chambers or drains connected to a chamber

We would strongly suggest calling a local septic tank cleaning service to clear the chamber to prevent health and safety issues and allow access to pump for servicing purposes. We recommend Burnettes.